Foot Care at Home

A simple foot care routine can make a world of difference.

A simple foot care routine in your own home can make the world of a difference to improve your foot health and prevent cracks and calluses.

Giving your feet care will also help you identify problems early on.

Here are some simple tips on
how to care for your feet at home.

Wash Your Feet

It’s important to wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water. It’s not enough just letting them rinse off in the shower. This will help remove dirt and bacteria hiding in your feet. It will also help prevent any infections and unwanted odours.

Spend Time Drying

After you wash your feet it is just as important to properly dry them, especially in between those toes, as bacteria and fungus love to grow in warm moist areas.

Don’t Share

If you or someone in your household is suffering from a foot care condition, make sure you aren’t sharing towels, socks, or shoes. You don’t want to transfer germs!


You should be moisturizing your feet in the morning and night to help keep the skin hydrated because your feet can dry out quickly, especially in the summer. Try to make moisturizing your feet part of your daily body care routine. Regular moisturization will help prevent the build up of hard skin as well as dry or cracked skin.

Toenail Trimming

Toenails should be trimmed regularly to prevent nail complications such as thickening or ingrown nails. If you are able to trim them yourself, make sure you cut in a straight line and don’t cut too close or down the sides of your nails. This can cause pain, infection, and ingrown nails. If your nails are too thick to trim, try soaking them in water to soften them. If you have troubles trimming your nails then seek assistance from a foot care specialist (like me!).

Fresh Socks

On top of washing your feet daily, fresh socks or hosiery will keep feet feeling good and prevent odours. Also, it’s not a bad idea to alternate the shoes you wear everyday. Your feet sweat and rotating shoes will allow them to dry properly. If you find your feet sweat and get smelly, use a foot spray and/or insoles to help control odours.

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