FCN Clinical Policies and Procedures Manual

Lead Educator: Brette Cain, RPN FCNed
Location: Based in Atikokan, ON, with select course dates in specified locations.

See the main course page for up to date course dates, times, and locations.

The Foot Care Nurse Clinical course is designed for nurses (RN’s, NP’s, RPN’s, & LPN’s) who have successfully completed the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course and are ready to practice their Foot Care nursing skills onsite with the guidance and supervision of a Foot Care Nurse Educator.

The course uses the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017) as Clinical Performance Standards and teaches a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum, which follows current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice.

This course provides in-person clinical foot care nurse skills development and mentorship. Together, both the FCN Theory and FCN Clinical courses are designed to prepare participants to function as a Foot Care Nurse within a health care team.

Course Outline

The Foot Care Nurse Clinical course was developed by Foot Canada Training and is administered by Foot Care Nurse Educators, colleges and universities who have a license to access and use Foot Canada Training’s curriculum.

Education providers teach and administer FCN Clinical independently from Foot Canada Training. Each of these education providers have access to the same standardized peer-reviewed education guidelines, teaching materials and suggested FCN Clinical Course Outline. Please visit the Clinical Education Providers’ page of the Foot Canada Training website for a list of FCN Clinical education providers using the Foot Canada Training curriculum. All students interested in completing the FCN Clinical course must read the FCN Clinical Course Outline prior to completing registration.

Online FCN Theory Course Prerequisite

Next Step Foot Care requires that all nurses registering for this course first complete Foot Canada Training’s Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course. Completing Foot Canada Training’s FCN Theory course prior to starting the Onsite FCN Clinical course ensures that students acquire a strong theoretical foundation prior to coming to class.

For more information about the FCN Theory course, including the tuition rate and course dates, please visit
the FCN Theory course page on the Foot Canada Training website.


Students must complete the FCN Clinical Course Application to register. FCN courses run on a first come, first served basis and requires a minimum number of students per class.

Student are encouraged to complete the application as soon as they have started the FCN Theory course in order to secure their space in the FCN Clinical course on a conditional basis.

A waitlist will be maintained for any nurse wishing to register after the program maximum has been reached.


Tuition is $2100 plus HST. Payment can be made via eTransfer.

Included with tuition:

  • 43 hours of clinical (including 21.5 hours of advanced nursing foot care skills, 18.5 hours of clinical practice skills, and three hours of mentorship).
  • A certificate of completion on successfully meeting minimum requirements of the course.

Not included with tuition:

  • See Supporting Documents, Instruments and Supplies section.
  • Accommodation, travel, and food & drink – students are responsible for getting to and from the clinical course location(s) as well as for any food or drinks.
  • Parking (if any)
  • Tuition for the FCN Theory Course
  • Requests outside of normal course activities or outside of educational, technical and administrative support schedules or activities as per the course outline (such as requests for remedial assignments, course transcriptions, third party correspondence, letters, etc.)

Refunds, Conditional Acceptance and Course Cancelation Policy

The student will need to submit a 50% deposit with their application to hold their place within the clinical course.

Should you wish to withdraw, note that you have up until 28 days before the course date to request a refund of your deposit. After this point, tuition received is non-refundable. Tuition is allocated towards course expenses from the date of receipt, including room bookings, team hires, and coordinating pre-course activities.

It is the student’s responsibility to attend this course in its entirety for the dates and times registered to receive their final mark and certificate.

Applicants currently registered in the FCN Theory course and meeting all other course prerequisites will be accepted to this course on a conditional basis that they successfully complete the FCN Theory course and provide a copy of their certificate prior to the start of the FCN Clinical course. If the applicant does not pass the FCN Theory course prior to the start of the FCN Clinical course, the applicant will be provide with a choice to receive a refund for FCN Clinical or defer their tuition to the next available clinical.

If Next Step Foot Care cancels the FCN Clinical Course due to low enrolment or any other unexpected reason, students will be informed and will receive a full refund.

Supporting Documents, Instruments, and Supplies

The items listed below are not included in the cost of tuition. Students will be expected to arrive on their first day of clinical with the items listed below.

  • Insurance: A hard copy or electronic copy of at least $2 million personal protective insurance (malpractice insurance).
  • Nursing Registration/License: Printed or online receipt showing current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License from Nursing Regulatory Body.
  • ID: Hard copy government issued photo ID.
  • Competencies: A printed copy of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017)
  • Course Outline: A printed copy of the City Clinical Course Outline
  • Policies and Procedure Manual: A printed copy of this Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Course Textbook: Lazenby, Cindy. LM. (2017) Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada
  • Student Guide: Received in the mail prior to this course.
  • Student Equipment, Instruments and Supplies: Student Package available for separate purchase.

Dress Code

  • A name tag will be provided and is to be worn at all times.
  • Scrubs/Uniforms, closed toe shoes, hair up and off shoulders and face.
  • Please bring safety glasses.
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