Certified Foot Care Services

Next Step Foot Care offers a variety of services designed to keep your feet happy and healthy, as well as health education and recommendations to other health services, as required.

Full Foot Assessment

By carefully assessing any problems you may be having, we can put together a individual plan for care and treatment.

Advanced Diabetic Foot Care

With an increased risk of nerve damage and reduced blood flow, patients with diabetes need to take extra care to prevent serious complications.

Nail Trimming & Filing

A correct trim and filing of your toe nails is key to keeping your feet happy and healthy. 

Moisturizing Foot Rub

More than a comforting way to end each appointment, a soothing foot rub helps to prevent dry skin and cracking.

Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrown toe nails can be very painful, especially when they are left too long. Regular maintenance is important to both treat and prevent further problems.

Corns & Calluses

Not only can I help manage painful calluses and corns on your foot, I can help show you how to choose the right footwear for long-term prevention.

Nail Fungus

Do you have yellow, brittle, or distorted nails? I can safely treat nail fungus and help your nail come back healthy and new.

Gait Analysis

By analysing the way that you walk, we can correct and prevent other foot and back complications that may lead to injury or pain.

Taking the Next Step Forward

Marathon Mobile Unit now available! Office coming soon!

Each appointment is held in our spacious, comfortable office room, located conveniently at the Atikokan General Hospital. Alternatively, we offer in-home visits in Atikokan or Marathon for patients facing difficulties with their mobility.

Next Step Foot Care is registered with Veterans’ Affairs, Medavie Blue Cross, Sunlife, and Green Shield. Check with your insurance provider, you may be covered!

Initial Appointment & Assessment $60
Follow-up Appointments $50
In Home Appointments $60
Finger Nail Trimming in Addition to Foot Care +$10

Happy Clients

My 86 years young mother [was] totally satisfied with the quality and personal treatment she received. Thanks a lot Brette!!!!
Robert Herr
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